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Business Insights 2

Analyses and Reporting

An application for analyzing bussines results, enables the users to query analytical databases in a visual way. Users do not need to have programming skills in order to create reports from their analytical data. Reports can visualize data as tables, charts or mini-charts. Multiple reports can be displayed in a dashboard.


  • Visual query creation (Querys are created by dragging and droping items from the cube to rows, columns or the filter list)
  • No programming skills required. (Application generates the MDX querys based on items in the rows, columns and filter lists)
  • Results of querys can be displayed as tables, charts or mini-charts
  • For users with IT knowledge, querys can be entered in the form of MDX commands
  • Reports can store results as static data which can later be updated by executing the query
  • Reports can be parameterized which, for example, enables the users to use a single report to get results for different time spans
  • Multiple reports can be displayed in a dashboard (Dashboards split the viewing area into sections to which reports can be added)
  • Reports added to a dashboard can have linked parameters
  • Users reports can be stored localy, in a SQL databes or on a Sharepoint server in a seamless way (reports are stored in the users repository which can save the reports on the hard drive, in a SQL database or on a Microsoft Sharepoint server)
  • Users can share reports (repository enables one user to share reports or folders with other users or predifined user groups)
  • Reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel